six decades of mexican
culinary tradition

Buena Vida, a light-filled restaurant offering the curated traditional dishes from the Vazquez Lugo family of Mexico City.


living the good life

… if Aristotle had cooked, he would have written much more.
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz


2900 Wilson Blvd Arlington VA
703 888-1259

Sunday to Thursday 5PM to 10.30PM
Friday & Saturday 5PM to 11:30PM

Saturday and Sunday
10AM to 3PM

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This is the bond that holds everything together. Food connects the family, family necessitates food. We wish to show you the warmth of a Mexican Sunday family meal. And that family is not only made by relatives.


Most of our dishes were inherited by Chef Gerardo Vazquez Lugo from his family. The tradition in Mexican cuisine is long and colorful, all the while one of the most important components.


History played a big part in forming the cuisine of Mexico. Mexico City, one the capital of the Spanish colonies, served as a trading hub, merging the influences from the East and the West.

chef gerardo
vazquez lugo

“Inspired by the diversity of the different foods, cultures and traditions of Mexico, the menu for Buena Vida aligns to my philosophy: To live good and live healthily. I want to incorporate Nicos’s processes through sourcing fresh and seasonal products in traditional recipes reinvented in a modern way, even though the recipes are simple they are sustainable and socially responsible cooking.”